FLE GmbH has acquired Peugeot Vienna’s car dealership in the vicinity of Wiener-berg in southern Vienna, an investment property with a floor space of nearly 9,000 m². With this, the FLE fund, a body committed to sustainable investment and stable yields, is in line with the current trends: According to Union Investment’s latest study of the investment climate, 49% of European real estate investors continue to focus on the core European countries.

The Peugeot Vienna’s car dealership, containing a showroom, offices, workshops and 106 parking spaces in the on-site parking bay, was built in 1997 and modernised ten years ago in accordance with the standard Peugeot design. The property is lo-cated on a busy main exit (to the south) and boasts excellent transport links to Vien-na city centre. The entire property, containing a rental area of almost 9,000 m², is leased to Peugeot Autohaus GmbH on a long-term basis (up to 100%), meaning that it fulfilled all of the requirements of FLE GmbH: “We invest in modernised and tech-nologically advanced properties of so-called B sites with excellent transport links and a ten-year holding perspective,” says fund manager Dr Alexander Klafsky. And the tenant is in agreement: The Peugeot dealership is part of the PSA (Peugeot and Cit-roën) Group, which generated a turnover of €55 billion in 2012 and, with 12.7%, cur-rently ranks second in the European automotive industry.